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I thought I'd start off the year correctly by releasing my new song featuring the legendary Madchild of Swollen Members...Checkout the lyric video below, and be sure to check the description box for download links (download on soundcloud here: Have a fantastic 2015! This is what Madchild had to say on facebook about the track.
"I was approached by B-Flix who was unfortunately diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This his why his voice is so unique. He has been in a power wheelchair since age of three.
It touched my heart to know that even in his difficult situation he still is striving towards his dream and passion.
I am proud to help promote this song we did together. When listening, please understand he has a very serious condition. Please have a kind heart... and be supportive of my new friend and lets wish him all of the best in the new year! Let him be an inspiration to e…