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The Junos and Hamilton Music Awards

Hey all!

Just thought I'd give you a little update.

On March 15th I attended the 2015 Juno Awards, which was a really cool experience and a great night. Thank you to CARAS for the complimentary tickets!

Also, I have been nominated for a Hamilton Music Award in the Rap/Hip-Hop Recording Of The Year category for my album Everything Changed! ( This is my first ever music award nomination, so I'm pretty excited! On May 23rd, the night before the awards event, I will be performing at Club Absinthe in Hamilton, Ontario as part of a Hip-Hop showcase leading up to the awards.

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Thank you for your continued support!


P.S. I recently visited the Orange Lounge in Toronto to record some backing for vocals for my next album. I will be announcing a release date soon.