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Marilyn Monroe (Prod. G-Dub)

She really is, she just don't know it I hide it well, I just don't show it 'Cause if she knew, it just might blow it Love is a rose, let's grow it Don't have to act on it I can let it go I can leave it be Keep it natural And then she'll say, she'll say to me
(CHORUS) (Rihanna sample)
I'll be her king, she'll be my queen I'll be the top and bottom, she'll be the in between If I've got it right, then I've got that girl Reminds me of something like It ain't easy, but it ain't hard To love her close, to love her far Can she see, she might be blind But she'll be fine
(CHORUS) (Rihanna sample)

Started From The Bottom, Can't See From The Top (my experience at the Air Canada Center)

Anybody who knows me, knows that there is nothing I enjoy more than a Drake concert, and on October 24th I was fortunate enough to see my idol live for the 5th time, on his birthday nonetheless.

After a long three hour drive to the Air Canada Center due to Toronto traffic (we all know how that is) we finally arrived, found parking and made it inside. The wheelchair section tickets I had bought were relatively close to the main entrance, so it was a breeze finding our spot.

When inquiring about tickets for this concert, I found out that there are six wheelchair sections in the entire building (116, 105A, 319A, 601A, 613A, 309A), so I asked for the best seats possible which was section 116 right beside the stage as it was placed in the west end of the arena. Looking at the online seating chart I thought to myself, hmmm I wonder if the stage will be blocked out of view being that far to the side, I was really hoping that wouldn’t be the case seeing as the cost for two tickets was ove…


Here is the article I wrote on my dear friend Rob Lamothe for The Silo

But, Hey, What do I Know? (response to hate letter given to autistic child's grandmother)

I thought of a million ways of how to start writing this, but none of them seemed completely on point, none of them seemed accurate.

I’m sure by now most, if not all of us, have heard about the hate letter delivered to an autistic boy’s grandmother by a neighbour. Being an individual with special needs myself, I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, I felt like I needed to get some things off of my chest.

In a world where tolerance of "abnormalcy" is growing, most people were probably surprised that the thoughts in a letter like this would even be brought to mind, let alone be typed out on a computer.

Well, I’m here to tell you that discrimination against individuals with special needs still exists, and hurts more than ever.

The reason it hurts more than ever? Because we have come so far, and yet eternity is still yet to go. If this were forty, thirty, or possibly even twenty years ago, this individual with Autism wouldn’t have even been able to see the light of day, therefore …

New Article In The Silo

Here is a new article I wrote for The Silo. Rose gold is back, and I love it!

Piece In The Silo/ Writing With Rob Lamothe

Hey! Just stopped by to say that I have a piece in the local paper called The Silo, read it here!

Also, I've been writing some lyrics for my great friend and mentor Rob Lamothe.  At the moment he is working on writing and recording a new CD!