Here it is, the long awaited mixtape/ CD, Everything Changed! To download/ listen for free just click on this link ( which will take you to, or use the player below. If you would like to purchase a physical copy (a CD) please email

To read the lyrics online please visit

Just a reminder that the release will be celebrated with a party on July 12th at the Simcoe Recreation Center in the Norfolk/ Dogwood room upstairs. There will be performances from myself, Josh Lamothe, The Emsee, and Patrick & Lyndon. Doors open at 7:00pm, music will start around 8:00. CDs and tshirts will be available for purchase (cash only).

If you would like some insight into the project you're welcome to read the article I wrote for The Silo

With the warm weather arriving, I hope that my music can be a soundtrack to your summer. Something you can listen to in the dark of the night, something that provides solace when your heart has just been broken. Something that makes you think before you speak, and lastly, something that forces you to not only chase your dreams, but grab them when in reach.

- B-Flix


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