Freedom And Success

My Dad brought up a good point tonight; back-in-the-day individuals in wheelchairs were never taken out in the community, they were either left at the home, or left at the institution. Wow. Freedom. Every day I have something to be positive about; I’m free.
I guess that’s why I am interested and inspired by Angels like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., individuals who fight for their kind, fought for those who were left behind. You could also parallel our history to that of the Women’s rights movement; we have all had to fight for our freedom. Where would I be if people like Terry Fox and Rick Hansen didn’t give up their lives’ for others suffering like themselves?
Frankly, I don’t think I would even be writing this right now. Thank you.
Success is masked by expectations. Each and every breath is success. Every sunrise and sunset is success; you’ve made it to a new day. It’s not about how many people read this, it’s about how many people feel this way and don’t release the emotions. Be free, and you’ll have success.


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